Daniel Jenson of Sad Devil Ketchup

Daniel Jenson is a self taught artist and a founding member of the Sixth Sense Art Collective. Born in Yuma Arizona to a Mexican squid farmer and a teenage runaway. Abandoned at birth and found by then up and coming religious cult leaders Glen and Wanda, he was taken in and, in an attempt to avoid federal indictment, traveled the world with the Cult of Glen and Wanda until settling down in PA where he met fellow cult member and co-founder of the Sixth Sense Co., Mechanical Leg. Daniel represents the Collective with his division, Sad Devil Ketchup. He is a lyricist who performs with the HalfBreed MC's and often times performs solo as the Handheld's with the assistance of sock puppets to promote his own personal style of artwork, which he creates using colored pencils, inks, paints , wood stains and glazes mostly on found canvasses. Daniel's paintings are very personal to him and they gain history and a connection with the artist as he carries them with him almost everywhere doing impromptu art shows in parking garage elevators and public restrooms. "I don't know a whole lot about art, but I don't feel as if I should have to, it's something that I've tried to ignore but could never get away from, the fact that I am an artist. No gett'n around that one."
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