The Handhelds

After a few years of crafting the words in his head, Daniel Jenson began The Handhelds project. With fellow artist and guitarist Luke Hussack and drummer/keyboardist Eddie Lawson, Daniel produced some kick-ass tunes and released a demo This is Analog - the Return of the Cult of Glen & Wanda.

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The Halfbreeds

Daneil Jenson experiments in audio as a lyricist. With mad men Jeremy McDonald, Ryan Seiders, and Phil Smoker, Daniel Jenson as The Halfbreeds released two full albums Ship High In Transit and Hard Core Devil Rap. Though space and time has halted The Halfbreeds project, Daniel continues to throw ism's and write lyrics with anyone willing to collaborate.

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Sad Devil Ketchup

Daniel Jenson, when possessed by Melchiondo, an evil muse, which was induced by the forbidden rituals of the Cult of Glen & Wanda, covers canvas with a variety of medium as if in some sadistic mediatative trance calling it his Sad Devil Ketchup.

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